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RegeniPET® Products for Animal Lovers RegeniPET® combines nutrients and vitamins known to support the health of joint and connective tissue throughout the body. These include Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), CMO (cetyl myristoleate), and Vitamin C. In addition, RegeniPET® contains 19 different vitamins and minerals, and Protectin™, a patented herbal complex that helps protect joints against the wear down and teardown activity of catabolic processes in the body.

Personal experience with this product from Cat Bruce:
We rescued a 10 year retired greyhound that came to us lame. Rena was 10 pounds under weight and she had very little muscle mass. She would not run or even be able to walk around the block without having problems of being to tired. She was so sad looking. We started her on RegeniPet and within 6 months her weight is perfect. She now runs circles in the yard and is ready to go for walks 3 times a day. Her personality and energy levels is one of a 5 year old. We do not go a day without her RegeniPET.

We just rescued Simon, another retired Greyhound of 9 years. He is lame is his front leg. He was unable to lift himself up and/or able to go up 3 stairs on the back porch. Within 3 weeks on RegeniPET, he is getting up more easily and is able to work the back stairs.

I can see in my personal pet what a change in their lives this produce has done. Just try it of a month and see what changes you pet’s lives have. You will be amazed. And the great part is they have RegeniCare for people. I just love it too!


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