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etsfirst gets numerous letters of thanks from the pets we care for. We have chosen a few to share on our site:

MommieCat and Mazel

Pets First has been taking care of our two kitties since we moved to Orlando six years ago. We interviewed several companies and individuals. PETS FIRST was well ahead of the rest! We refer to our kitties as "family members with four feet". We have been so lucky to have the same wonderful Pet Sitter who leaves us notes (very creative and often funny) about how the kitties are doing, where they were sleeping, and how much they miss us! There is a strong sense of professionalism at Pets First. In addition, every detail is handled with great care from taking care of packages that may arrive, to securing the house,to spoiling our kitties! We believe there is a true sense of compassion that goes with every visit. Their service is exactly as their name denotes: PETS FIRST!

Orlando, FL

Cleo and Snowball-Chaps and Monk

We have been using PetsFirst for quit some time and love what they do for our four cats, Cleo, Snowball, Chaps and Monk. I feel comforted and secure knowing that someone who loves animals is taking care of our furry friends. PetsFirst has been there when we have needed them, even on short notice. And we love the personal notes they leave behind for each day telling us what's been happening while we were away. We highly recommend PetsFirst to those who really care about their pet's well being.

Steve & Tempe




Zoe and Ziggy

My husband and I rely on PetsFirst Pet Sitting Service when we travel. Our Chihuahuas can stay at home and we have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the dogs, bird and fish are receiving excellent care while we are away. Cat and her staff are the best!


Montrachet and Indy have enjoyed the services of Pet's First for the past 3 years. Every day they are given lots of love and attention in addition to their daily walks. It gives me comfort to know that these two are being looked after during times when I am not available. The team at Pet's First care about the overall well being of my kids and are service oriented.

Mrs Nicole




Bama, Roxy and Daisy

Moving to Orlando was overwhelming for this small town girl. What to do with our pets while we had to travel was my greatest concern. We knew no one here and I had no idea who I could trust with our babies. Just saying “Thank you” doesn’t feel like enough. The assurance that Bama, Roxy, and Daisy were all ok while we were away was priceless. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart your love and care for them. Thanks for staying the scheduled time and sometimes much longer. It was comforting to know that you were with them. And thanks for all of the visits that I frantically scheduled at the last minute. You have spoiled us! “Parents of Bama”

Smokie and Bandit

We have been using the services of PetsFirst Petsitting for over 2 years, and I have to say, they are the best! First you have to know that I am a complete nut with my two Yorkshire Terriers. Before I had my son, they were my only babies and I was extremely overprotective of them. We also love having the personal “report cards” that they leave behind each day when we get home telling us what they did that day, who ate, etc., It keeps us aware of any issues. Also, it is a great peace of mind knowing that not only are they watching the dogs, they are also watching our house while we are gone as well.

I would hands down recommend PetsFirst to anyone who loves their pets as much as we do. They are extremely professional, and true animal lovers! “ Parents of Smokie and Bandit”

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