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etsfirst services most areas in the following zip codes: 32818, 32819, 32830, 32835, 32836, 34761, 34786, 34787, 34734 (call for confirmation). If your zip code isn't listed above, please call us at 407-532-5050 or email us at petsittercat@aol.com and we can direct you to a sitter in your area.

or clients who travel frequently, or those who prefer the simplicity of being a "priority" client we offer the "Convenience is Key"SM Program.
Enrollment in this program is subject to a one time administrative fee of $7.00. PetsFirst will retain two sets of the client's house keys, which will be encoded to protect against the keys being linked to a particular property. When not in use, keys will remain on our premises safely locked away at all times. Before the busy holidays, "CKP" clients will receive a "Holiday Reminder" letter to let them know we have started booking dates for holiday vacation!

Members become eligible for the following benefits:

Preferential Holiday Reservation Services;

Online scheduling for your convenience;

Back-up sitters trained for your home at all times;

E-mail confirmations sent as a reminder a few days before services begin;

Only sign one contract with company for years of service!

Pet behavior modification assistance;


House Sitting, Security/Plant Care Visits $15.00/visit. For clients without pets;

"Locked Out" Rescues (residents only - photo ID required) $10.00/visit;

Mid-Day Dog Walking $15.00/visit;

Emergency Walking Service with less than 24 hours notice is $8.00 plus normal visit charge.

Hurricane Damage Home Checks - we will check on your house and send you pictures of any damage so you can start work on it before you come home to a mess.


NOTE: Enrollment does not guarantee services - Services are subject to Sitter availability!
So book services early! ;)

et sitting visits will typically include the following services (as applicable):


Feed & water;

Litter box, cage, environment clean up;


Transportation to vet if ill;

Administering of medical shots;

A Checklist sheet per visit;
Bring in mail, packages and newspapers;

Adjust lights and blinds, turn on radios, answer phones - make the home appear occupied;

Water indoor/porch/patio plants;

Visually inspect inside and outside of home each visit to ensure secure and free of problems or damage;

Put garbage and recycling curbside.

In Home Treatments for your Pet's Health

Personal Reiki sessions to speed healing after medical issue and improve on behavior problems with communication between owner and pets.


Reiki for pets is a service provided to give comfort and healing energy all animals and their human family with an illness and/or injury. Reiki is a gentle process that your pet will find soothing and welcoming. Reiki can be done effectively claiming. It can be used on aggressive, skittish and/or wild animals without distressing or injuringwith human contact or risking injury to the healers. Animals find the treatments comforting and relaxing.

Reiki with Veterinary Care

It works with and along side of the standard methods without interfering with them. Improveing the results is opitmal. Reiki is not meant to be a substitute for veterinarian health care. With the aid of a doctor treatment and holistic therapies, your pet can live a healthy and happy life.

Pet Massage

The touch of human hands can be very soothing plus relaxing to the animals body. Massage techniques that are properly applied will help tone muscles of the less active on and/or older pets, release muscles spasms in legs and back, decrease soreness from all over body and pain associated with arthritis or medical care, hip-dysplasia and spinal problems. Massage helps increase the removal of toxins and metabolic waste products, decrease swelling in the joints and accelerate the healing process by stimulating blood circulation and lymph draining. It is beneficial for calming the hyperactive pets or with temperment problems, especially those with a history of past abuse or trauma. It can help with a an animal becoming use to human touch and love. Massage sessions are relaxing and good for four-legged children of all ages.

Massage benefits include:

Improve Circulation
Relax Muscles
Calm of Nervous Dogs
Boost the Immune System
Increase Flexibility
Massage therapy is also good for the social development of your kittie and it feels great!

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